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Full Name State School First Middle Last Link Comment
Larry K. Krannich Alabama U. of Alabama Birmingham Larry K. Krannich Link
Anthony J. ArduengoIII Alabama University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Anthony J. ArduengoIII Link
David E. Nikles Alabama University of Alabama Tuscaloosa David E. Nikles Link
Robin D. Rogers Alabama University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Robin D. Rogers Link
Kevin H. Shaughnessy Alabama University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Kevin H. Shaughnessy Link Postdoc Wanted!
Joseph S. Thrasher Alabama University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Joseph S. Thrasher Link
Nicholas C. Thomas Alabama Auburn U. Montgomery Nicholas C. Thomas Link
Christian Goldsmith Alabama Auburn University Christian Goldsmith Link
Michael L. McKee Alabama Auburn University Michael L. McKee Link
David M. Stanbury Alabama Auburn University David M. Stanbury Link
Gary M. Gray Alabama U. of Alabama Birmingham Gary M. Gray Link
William Howard Alaska Alaska Fairbanks William Howard Link
Anne Jones Arizona Arizona State Anne Jones Link
John Enemark Arizona U of Arizona John Enemark Link
Dennis Lichtenberger Arizona U of Arizona Dennis Lichtenberger Link
Zhiping Zheng Arizona U of Arizona Zhiping Zheng Link
Mark Draganjac Arkansas Arkansas State U. Mark Draganjac Link
Patrick Desrochers Arkansas U. Central Arkansas Patrick Desrochers Link
Neil Allison Arkansas U. of Arkansas Neil Allison Link
Bill Durham Arkansas U. of Arkansas Bill Durham Link
Z. Ryan Tian Arkansas U. of Arkansas Z. Ryan Tian Link
Alan Balch California UC Davis Alan Balch Link
Philip Power California UC Davis Philip Power Link
Elizabeth Jarvo California UC Irvine Elizabeth Jarvo Link
Susan Blum California UC Irvine Susan Blum Link
Seth Cohen California UC San Diego Seth Cohen Link
Vy Dong California UC Irvine Vy Dong Link
Cliff Kubiak California UC San Diego Cliff Kubiak Link
William Evans California UC Irvine William Evans Link
Joseph O'Connor California UC San Diego Joseph O'Connor Link
Arnold Rheingold California UC San Diego Arnold Rheingold Link
Gui Bazan California UC Santa Barbara Gui Bazan Link
Peter Ford California UC Santa Barbara Peter Ford Link
Liming Zhang California UC Santa Barbara Liming Zhang Link
Mahdi M. Abu-Omar California UCLA Mahdi M. Abu-Omar Link
Joan Valentine California UCLA Joan Valentine Link
Richard Brutchey California USC Richard Brutchey Link
Mark Thompson California USC Mark Thompson Link
Jackie Barton California Caltech Jackie Barton Link
John Bercaw California Caltech John Bercaw Link
Harry Gray California Caltech Harry Gray Link
Bob Grubbs California Caltech Bob Grubbs Link
Jonas Peters California Caltech Jonas Peters Link
Doug Grotjahn California San Diego St Doug Grotjahn Link
James Collman California Stanford James Collman Link
T. Daniel Stack California Stanford T. Daniel Stack Link
Robert Waymouth California Stanford Robert Waymouth Link
Richard Andersen California UC Berkeley Richard Andersen Link
John Arnold California UC Berkeley John Arnold Link
Robert Bergman California UC Berkeley Robert Bergman Link
John Hartwig California UC Berkeley John Hartwig Link
Ken Raymond California UC Berkeley Ken Raymond Link
T. Don Tilley California UC Berkeley T. Don Tilley Link
F. Dean Toste California UC Berkeley F. Dean Toste Link
Debbie Crans Colorado Colorado State Debbie Crans Link
Peter Dorhout Colorado Colorado State Peter Dorhout Link
Richard Finke Colorado Colorado State Richard Finke Link
Amy Prieto Colorado Colorado State Amy Prieto Link
Tomislav Rovis Colorado Colorado State Tomislav Rovis Link
Matt Shores Colorado Colorado State Matt Shores Link
Steven Strauss Colorado Colorado State Steven Strauss Link
Niels Damrauer Colorado U of Colorado Niels Damrauer Link
Mary Rakowski Dubois Colorado U of Colorado Mary Rakowski Dubois Link
John Hagadorn Colorado U of Colorado John Hagadorn Link
Cortland Pierpont Colorado U of Colorado Cortland Pierpont Link
Gary Brudvig Connecticut Yale Gary Brudvig Link
Robert Crabtree Connecticut Yale Robert Crabtree Link
John Faller Connecticut Yale John Faller Link
Pat Holland Connecticut Yale Pat Holland Link
Timothy Warren D.C. Georgetown Timothy Warren Link
Donald A. Watson Delaware U of Delaware Donald A. Watson Link
Charles Riordan Delaware U of Delaware Charles Riordan Link
Joel Rosenthal Delaware U of Delaware Joel Rosenthal Link
Klaus Theopold Delaware U of Delaware Klaus Theopold Link
Gordon A. Renovitch Florida Florida A&M University Gordon A. Renovitch Link
Theodore I. Bieber Florida Florida Atlantic University Theodore I. Bieber Link
Jerome E. Haky Florida Florida Atlantic University Jerome E. Haky Link
Ramon Lopez de la Vega Florida Florida International University Ramon Lopez de la Vega Link
Susan Latturner Florida Florida State University Tallahassee Susan Latturner Link
Michael Shatruk Florida Florida State University Tallahassee Michael Shatruk Link
George Christou Florida University of Florida George Christou Link
Albert E. Stiegman Florida Florida State University Tallahassee Albert E. Stiegman Link
Geoffrey F. Strouse Florida Florida State University Tallahassee Geoffrey F. Strouse Link
Lisa McElwee Florida University of Florida Lisa McElwee Link
Thomas Russo Florida Jacksonville University Thomas Russo Link
David E. Richardson Florida University of Florida David E. Richardson Link
Roy Periana Florida Scripps Florida Roy Periana Link
Kirk S. Schanze Florida University of Florida Kirk S. Schanze Link
Michael J. Scott Florida University of Florida Michael J. Scott Link
Daniel R. Talham Florida University of Florida Daniel R. Talham Link
Carl D. Hoff Florida University of Miami Carl D. Hoff Link
Nita A. Lewis Florida University of Miami Nita A. Lewis Link
Edward A. Healy Florida University of North Florida Edward A. Healy Link
John Antilla Florida University of South Florida John Antilla Link
Li-June Ming Florida University of South Florida Li-June Ming Link
Peter Zhang Florida University of South Florida Peter Zhang Link
Stephen P. Tanner Florida University of West Florida Stephen P. Tanner Link
Leonard ter Haar Florida University of West Florida Leonard ter Haar Link
Gregory H. Robinson Georgia University of Georgia Gregory H. Robinson Link
Tina Salguero Georgia University of Georgia Tina Salguero Link
Paul von_Rague' Schleyer Georgia University of Georgia Paul von_Rague' Schleyer Link
Huw Davies Georgia Emory University Huw Davies Link
Craig Hill Georgia Emory University Craig Hill Link
Chris Scarborough Georgia Emory University Chris Scarborough Link
Hans Schanz Georgia Georgia Southern University Hans Schanz Link
Kent Barefield Georgia Georgia Tech Kent Barefield Link
Christoph J. Fahrni Georgia Georgia Tech Christoph J. Fahrni Link
William S. Rees Jr. Georgia Georgia Tech William S. Rees Jr. Link
Robert Whetten Georgia Georgia Tech Robert Whetten Link
Z. John Zhang Georgia Georgia Tech Z. John Zhang Link
Todd Harrop Georgia University of Georgia Todd Harrop Link
R Bruce King Georgia University of Georgia R Bruce King Link
Joe Jarrett Hawaii U. Hawaii Joe Jarrett Link
Susan Shadle Idaho Boise State University Susan Shadle Link
Andrew Holland Idaho Idaho State University Andrew Holland Link
Joshua J. Pak Idaho Idaho State University Joshua J. Pak Link
Thomas E. Bitterwolf Idaho University of Idaho Thomas E. Bitterwolf Link
Jean'ne M. Shreeve Idaho University of Idaho Jean'ne M. Shreeve Link
Tobin Marks Illinois Northwestern Tobin Marks Link
SonBinh Nguyen Illinois Northwestern SonBinh Nguyen Link
Brice Bosnich Illinois U of Chicago Brice Bosnich Link
Chuan He Illinois U of Chicago Chuan He Link
Richard Jordan Illinois U of Chicago Richard Jordan Link
Greg Girolami Illinois U of Illinois Greg Girolami Link
Catherine Murphy Illinois U of Illinois Catherine Murphy Link
Thomas Rauchfuss Illinois U of Illinois Thomas Rauchfuss Link
John Shapely Illinois U of Illinois John Shapely Link
Patricia Shapely Illinois U of Illinois Patricia Shapely Link
Kenneth Suslick Illinois U of Illinois Kenneth Suslick Link
M. Christina White Illinois U of Illinois M. Christina White Link
Mu-Hyun Baik Indiana Indiana University Mu-Hyun Baik Link
Kenneth Caulton Indiana Indiana University Kenneth Caulton Link
Dongwhan Lee Indiana Indiana University Dongwhan Lee Link
Jeremy Smith Indiana Indiana university Jeremy Smith Link
William G. Feighery Indiana Indiana University South Bend William G. Feighery Link
Mahdi M. Abu Indiana Purdue University Mahdi M. Abu Link
Mahdi M. Abu Indiana Purdue University Mahdi M. Abu Link
Suzanne Bart Indiana Purdue University Suzanne Bart Link
Kyoung-Shin Choi Indiana Purdue University Kyoung-Shin Choi Link
David R. McMillin Indiana Purdue University David R. McMillin Link
Tong Ren Indiana Purdue University Tong Ren Link
William R. Robinson Indiana Purdue University William R. Robinson Link
Richard A. Walton Indiana Purdue University Richard A. Walton Link
Jonathan Wilker Indiana Purdue University Jonathan Wilker Link
Seth N. Brown Indiana University of Notre Dame Seth N. Brown Link
Thomas P. Fehlner Indiana University of Notre Dame Thomas P. Fehlner Link
Kenneth W. Henderson Indiana University of Notre Dame Kenneth W. Henderson Link
Masaru K. Kuno Indiana University of Notre Dame Masaru K. Kuno Link
A. Graham Lappin Indiana University of Notre Dame A. Graham Lappin Link
Marya Lieberman Indiana University of Notre Dame Marya Lieberman Link
W. Robert Scheidt Indiana University of Notre Dame W. Robert Scheidt Link
Slavi C. Sevov Indiana University of Notre Dame Slavi C. Sevov Link
Robert J. Morris Indiana Ball State University Robert J. Morris Link
Bruce Storhoff Indiana Ball State University Bruce Storhoff Link
D. J. Reuland Indiana Indiana State University D. J. Reuland Link
Laurence D. Rosenhein Indiana Indiana State University Laurence D. Rosenhein Link
Alan Siegel Indiana Indiana State University Alan Siegel Link
John D. Corbett Iowa Iowa State University John D. Corbett Link
Aaron Sadow Iowa Iowa State University Aaron Sadow Link
Javier Vela Iowa Iowa State University Javier Vela Link
L. Keith Woo Iowa Iowa State University L. Keith Woo Link
Darrell P. Eyman Iowa University of Iowa Darrell P. Eyman Link
Louis Messerle Iowa University of Iowa Louis Messerle Link
Martin Chin Iowa University of Northern Iowa Martin Chin Link
Ryan Altman Kansas University of Kansas Ryan Altman Link
Mikhail V. Barybin Kansas University of Kansas Mikhail V. Barybin Link
David R. Benson Kansas University of Kansas David R. Benson Link
Andrew S. Borovik Kansas University of Kansas Andrew S. Borovik Link
Daryle H. Busch Kansas University of Kansas Daryle H. Busch Link
Joseph A. Heppert Kansas University of Kansas Joseph A. Heppert Link
Helena Malinakova Kansas University of Kansas Helena Malinakova Link
Jon Tunge Kansas University of Kansas Jon Tunge Link
David M. Eichhorn Kansas Wichita State University David M. Eichhorn Link
Kenneth J. Klabunde Kansas Kansas State University Kenneth J. Klabunde Link
Christopher J. Levy Kansas Kansas State University Christopher J. Levy Link
Eric A. Maatta Kansas Kansas State University Eric A. Maatta Link
David A. Atwood Kentucky University of Kentucky David A. Atwood Link
Fitzgerald B. Bramwell Kentucky University of Kentucky Fitzgerald B. Bramwell Link
Stephen M. Holmes Kentucky University of Kentucky Stephen M. Holmes Link
Folami Ladipo Kentucky University of Kentucky Folami Ladipo Link
John P. Selegue Kentucky University of Kentucky John P. Selegue Link
Robert M. Buchanan Kentucky University of Louisville Robert M. Buchanan Link
Christopher T. Burns Kentucky University of Louisville Christopher T. Burns Link
Craig A. Grapperhaus Kentucky University of Louisville Craig A. Grapperhaus Link
Mark E. Noble Kentucky University of Louisville Mark E. Noble Link
John F. Richardson Kentucky University of Louisville John F. Richardson Link
Luigi Marzilli Louisiana LSU Luigi Marzilli Link
George Stanley Louisiana LSU George Stanley Link
Mark Fink Louisiana Tulane Mark Fink Link
Ed Stevens Louisiana U of New Orleans Ed Stevens Link
John Wiley Louisiana U of New Orleans John Wiley Link
Alice E. Bruce Maine University of Maine Alice E. Bruce Link
Mitchell R.M. Bruce Maine University of Maine Mitchell R.M. Bruce Link
Howard H. Patterson Maine University of Maine Howard H. Patterson Link
Clinton S. Nash Maine University of New England Clinton S. Nash Link
David P. Goldberg Maryland Johns Hopkins University David P. Goldberg Link
Kenneth D. Karlin Maryland Johns Hopkins University Kenneth D. Karlin Link
Gerald J. Meyer Maryland Johns Hopkins University Gerald J. Meyer Link
Gary H. Posner Maryland Johns Hopkins University Gary H. Posner Link
Justine P. Roth Maryland Johns Hopkins University Justine P. Roth Link
Laurence J. Boucher Maryland Towson University Laurence J. Boucher Link
Alan J. Pribula Maryland Towson University Alan J. Pribula Link
Alan J. Pribula Maryland Towson University Alan J. Pribula Link
Bryan Eichhorn Maryland University of Maryland Bryan Eichhorn Link
Lawrence Sita Maryland University of Maryland Lawrence Sita Link
Andrei Vedernikov Maryland University of Maryland Andrei Vedernikov Link
Joel F. Liebman Maryland University of Maryland Baltimore County Joel F. Liebman Link
Veronika A. Szalai Maryland University of Maryland Baltimore County Veronika A. Szalai Link
Marc Snapper Massachusetts Boston College Marc Snapper Link
John Caradonna Massachusetts Boston University John Caradonna Link
Linda Helen Doerrer Massachusetts Boston University Linda Helen Doerrer Link
Sean Elliot Massachusetts Boston University Sean Elliot Link
Tom Tullius Massachusetts Boston University Tom Tullius Link
Christine Thomas Massachusetts Brandeis University Christine Thomas Link
Theodore Betley Massachusetts Harvard Theodore Betley Link
Richard Holm Massachusetts Harvard Richard Holm Link
Dan Nocera Massachusetts Harvard Dan Nocera Link
Tobias Ritter Massachusetts Harvard Tobias Ritter Link
Stephen Buchwald Massachusetts MIT Stephen Buchwald Link
Christopher Cummins Massachusetts MIT Christopher Cummins Link
Alan Davison Massachusetts MIT Alan Davison Link
William Armstrong Massachusetts Boston College William Armstrong Link
Catherine Drennan Massachusetts MIT Catherine Drennan Link
Gregory Fu Massachusetts MIT Gregory Fu Link
Michael Clark Massachusetts Boston College Michael Clark Link
Stephen Lippard Massachusetts MIT Stephen Lippard Link
Richard Schrock Massachusetts MIT Richard Schrock Link
Elena Rybak Massachusetts Tufts Elena Rybak Link
Shawn Burdette Massachusetts Worcester Polytechnic Institute Shawn Burdette Link
Marion H. Emmert Massachusetts Worcester Polytechnic Institute Marion H. Emmert Link
Amir Hoveyda Massachusetts Boston College Amir Hoveyda Link
Nethaniel Szymczak Michigan University of Michigan Nethaniel Szymczak Link
Sheila Smith Michigan University of Michigan Dearborn Sheila Smith Link
Michael D. Gebler Michigan University of Michigan Flint Michael D. Gebler Link
David E. Benson Michigan Wayne State University David E. Benson Link
Stephanie L. Brock Michigan Wayne State University Stephanie L. Brock Link
Christine S. Chow Michigan Wayne State University Christine S. Chow Link
John F. Endicott Michigan Wayne State University John F. Endicott Link
Claudio Nazari Verani Michigan Wayne State University Claudio Nazari Verani Link
Charles H. Winter Michigan Wayne State University Charles H. Winter Link
Joan Broderick Michigan Michigan State University Joan Broderick Link
Mercouri G Kanatzidis Michigan Michigan State University Mercouri G Kanatzidis Link
James K. McCusker Michigan Michigan State University James K. McCusker Link
Aaron L. Odom Michigan Michigan State University Aaron L. Odom Link
Thomas J. Pinnavaia Michigan Michigan State University Thomas J. Pinnavaia Link
Milton R. Smith III Michigan Michigan State University Milton R. Smith III Link
Bart Bartlett Michigan University of Michigan Bart Bartlett Link
Mark Banaszak Holl Michigan University of Michigan Mark Banaszak Holl Link
John Mongomery Michigan University of Michigan John Mongomery Link
Vincent L. Pecoraro Michigan University of Michigan Vincent L. Pecoraro Link
James E. Penner Michigan University of Michigan James E. Penner Link
Melanie S. Sanford Michigan University of Michigan Melanie S. Sanford Link
John Ellis Minnesota U Minnesota John Ellis Link
Wayne Gladfelter Minnesota U Minnesota Wayne Gladfelter Link
Kent Mann Minnesota U Minnesota Kent Mann Link
Kris McNeill Minnesota U Minnesota Kris McNeill Link
Lawrence Que Minnesota U Minnesota Lawrence Que Link
William Tolman Minnesota U Minnesota William Tolman Link
Walter Cleland Mississippi U Miss Walter Cleland Link
Keith Hollis Mississippi U Miss Keith Hollis Link
Jason Ritchie Mississippi U Miss Jason Ritchie Link
Jerry Atwood Missouri U Missouri Columbia Jerry Atwood Link
Steven Keller Missouri U Missouri Columbia Steven Keller Link
Paul Sharp Missouri U Missouri Columbia Paul Sharp Link
Gordon Anderson Missouri U Missouri St. Louis Gordon Anderson Link
Lawrence Barton Missouri U Missouri St. Louis Lawrence Barton Link
Janet Braddock Wilking Missouri U Missouri St. Louis Janet Braddock Wilking Link
John Bleeke Missouri Washington U John Bleeke Link
William Buhro Missouri Washington U William Buhro Link
Liviu Mirica Missouri Washington U Liviu Mirica Link
Ed Abbot Montana Montana St. Ed Abbot Link
Tom Livinghouse Montana Montana St. Tom Livinghouse Link
Wonyoung Choe Nebraska U of Nebraska Wonyoung Choe Link
Stephen DiMagno Nebraska U of Nebraska Stephen DiMagno Link
James Takacs Nebraska U of Nebraska James Takacs Link
Ana de Bettencourt-Dias Nevada U Nevada Reno Ana de Bettencourt-Dias Link
Vince Catalano Nevada U Nevada Reno Vince Catalano Link
Brian Frost Nevada U Nevada Reno Brian Frost Link
John Nelson Nevada U Nevada Reno John Nelson Link
Jason Shearer Nevada U Nevada Reno Jason Shearer Link
David Glueck New Hampshire Dartmouth David Glueck Link
Russel Hughes New Hampshire Dartmouth Russel Hughes Link
Paul Chirik New Jersey Princeton Paul Chirik Link
Abigail Doyle New Jersey Princeton Abigail Doyle Link
John Groves New Jersey Princeton John Groves Link
John Brennan New Jersey Rutgers John Brennan Link
Alan Goldman New Jersey Rutgers Alan Goldman Link
Martha Greenblatt New Jersey Rutgers Martha Greenblatt Link
Jing Li New Jersey Rutgers Jing Li Link
Michael Johnson New Mexico New Mexico St. Michael Johnson Link
Richard Kemp New Mexico U of New Mexico Richard Kemp Link
Robert Paine New Mexico U of New Mexico Robert Paine Link
Richard Watt New Mexico U of New Mexico Richard Watt Link
Roberto Sanchez New York Brooklyn College Roberto Sanchez Link
Mahesh Laksman New York City College of NY Mahesh Laksman Link
Jack Norton New York Columbia U. Jack Norton Link
Maria Contel New York Brooklyn College Maria Contel Link Postdoc Wanted!
Ged Parkin New York Columbia U. Ged Parkin Link
Dalibor Sames New York Columbia U. Dalibor Sames Link
Geoffrey Coates New York Cornell Geoffrey Coates Link
Pete Wolczanski New York Cornell Pete Wolczanski Link
Karin Ruhlandt New York Syracuse U Karin Ruhlandt Link
Jim Atwood New York U of Buffalo Jim Atwood Link
Sherry Chemler New York U of Buffalo Sherry Chemler Link
Janet Morrow New York U of Buffalo Janet Morrow Link
Rich Eisenberg New York U of Rochester Rich Eisenberg Link
Bill Jones New York U of Rochester Bill Jones Link
Daniel Weix New York U of Rochester Daniel Weix Link
Michel Gagne North Carolina UNC Michel Gagne Link
Wenbin Lin North Carolina UNC Wenbin Lin Link
Thomas Sorrell North Carolina UNC Thomas Sorrell Link
Joe Templeton North Carolina UNC Joe Templeton Link
Holden Thorp North Carolina UNC Holden Thorp Link
Amanda Jones North Carolina Wake Forest Amanda Jones Link
Katherine Franz North Carolina Duke Katherine Franz Link
Michael Therien North Carolina Duke Michael Therien Link
Maurice Brookhart North Carolina UNC Maurice Brookhart Link
Gregory Cook North Dakota North Dakota State U Gregory Cook Link
Pinjing Zhao North Dakota North Dakota State U Pinjing Zhao Link
Lothar Stahl North Dakota U North Dakota Lothar Stahl Link
Malcolm Chisolm Ohio Ohio State Malcolm Chisolm Link
Claudia Turro Ohio Ohio State Claudia Turro Link
Michael Baldwin Ohio U of Cincinnati Michael Baldwin Link
Bill Connick Ohio U of Cincinnati Bill Connick Link
Hairong Guan Ohio U of Cincinnati Hairong Guan Link
Allen Apblett Oklahoma Oklahoma State Allen Apblett Link
Michale Ashby Oklahoma U of Oklahoma Michale Ashby Link
Ron Halterman Oklahoma U of Oklahoma Ron Halterman Link
Bob Houser Oklahoma U of Oklahoma Bob Houser Link
Ken Nicholas Oklahoma U of Oklahoma Ken Nicholas Link
George Richter Oklahoma U of Oklahoma George Richter Link
Michael Haley Oregon U of Oregon Michael Haley Link
David Tyler Oregon U of Oregon David Tyler Link
Tara Meyer Pennsylvania U of Pittsburgh Tara Meyer Link
Stephane Petoud Pennsylvania U of Pittsburgh Stephane Petoud Link
Partha Basu Pennsylvania Duquesne University Partha Basu Link
Robert Flowers Pennsylvania Lehigh University Robert Flowers Link
Greg Furguson Pennsylvania Lehigh University Greg Furguson Link
Kai Landskron Pennsylvania Lehigh University Kai Landskron Link
Tianbo Liu Pennsylvania Lehigh University Tianbo Liu Link
David Vicic Pennsylvania Lehigh University David Vicic Link
Michael Green Pennsylvania Penn State Michael Green Link
Thomas Mallouk Pennsylvania Penn State Thomas Mallouk Link
Ayusman Sen Pennsylvania Penn State Ayusman Sen Link
Mary Beth Williams Pennsylvania Penn State Mary Beth Williams Link
Catalina Achim Pennsylvania Carnegie Mellon Catalina Achim Link
Bradford Wayland Pennsylvania Temple University Bradford Wayland Link
Michael Hendrich Pennsylvania Carnegie Mellon Michael Hendrich Link
Donald Berry Pennsylvania U of Penn Donald Berry Link
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Pennsylvania Carnegie Mellon Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Link
Dan Mindiola Pennsylvania U of Penn Dan Mindiola Link
Gary Molander Pennsylvania U of Penn Gary Molander Link
Larry Sneddon Pennsylvania U of Penn Larry Sneddon Link
Michael Therien Pennsylvania U of Penn Michael Therien Link
Patrick Walsh Pennsylvania U of Penn Patrick Walsh Link
Kay Brummond Pennsylvania U of Pittsburgh Kay Brummond Link
Geoffrey Hutchison Pennsylvania U of Pittsburgh Geoffrey Hutchison Link
Wesley Bernskoetter Rhode Island Brown University Wesley Bernskoetter Link
Eunsuk Kim Rhode Island Brown University Eunsuk Kim Link
Dwight A. Sweigart Rhode Island Brown University Dwight A. Sweigart Link
Darryl DesMarteau South Carolina Clemson University Darryl DesMarteau Link
Shiou-Jyh Hwu South Carolina Clemson University Shiou-Jyh Hwu Link
Joseph W. Kolis South Carolina Clemson University Joseph W. Kolis Link
William T. Pennington South Carolina Clemson University William T. Pennington Link
Richard D. Adams South Carolina U of South Carolina/Columbia Richard D. Adams Link
Jerome D. Odom South Carolina U of South Carolina/Columbia Jerome D. Odom Link
Daniel L. Reger South Carolina U of South Carolina/Columbia Daniel L. Reger Link
Hans-Conrad zur Loye South Carolina U of South Carolina/Columbia Hans-Conrad zur Loye Link
Sara Madsen South Dakota South Dakota State University Sara Madsen Link
Janet McDonald Tennessee Vanderbilt University Janet McDonald Link
Ted Burkey Tennessee U of Memphis Ted Burkey Link
Greg Grant Tennessee U of Tennessee/Chattanooga Greg Grant Link
Kyle S. Knight Tennessee U of Tennessee/Chattanooga Kyle S. Knight Link
Jamie Adcock Tennessee U of Tennessee/Knoxville Jamie Adcock Link
Craig Barnes Tennessee U of Tennessee/Knoxville Craig Barnes Link
Bruce Bursten Tennessee U of Tennessee/Knoxville Bruce Bursten Link
Clifton Woods Tennessee U of Tennessee/Knoxville Clifton Woods Link
Ziling (Ben) Xue Tennessee U of Tennessee/Knoxville Ziling (Ben) Xue Link
Timothy Hanusa Tennessee Vanderbilt University Timothy Hanusa Link
Simon Bott Texas U of Houston Simon Bott Link
Olafs Daugulis Texas U of Houston Olafs Daugulis Link
Richard A Jones Texas U of Texas/Austin Richard A Jones Link
Russell A. Geanangel Texas U of Houston Russell A. Geanangel Link
Joseph J Lagowski Texas U of Texas/Austin Joseph J Lagowski Link
Arnold M. Guloy Texas U of Houston Arnold M. Guloy Link
John T McDevitt Texas U of Texas/Austin John T McDevitt Link
P. Shiv Halasyamani Texas U of Houston P. Shiv Halasyamani Link
Brian L Pagenkopf Texas U of Texas/Austin Brian L Pagenkopf Link
David M. Hoffman Texas U of Houston David M. Hoffman Link
Jonathan L Sessler Texas U of Texas/Austin Jonathan L Sessler Link
Allan J. Jacobson Texas U of Houston Allan J. Jacobson Link
Kenneth J. Balkus Jr. Texas U of Texas/Dallas Kenneth J. Balkus Jr. Link
Marianna A. Busch Texas Baylor University Marianna A. Busch Link
Ognjen Miljanic Texas U of Houston Ognjen Miljanic Link
A. Dean Sherry Texas U of Texas/Dallas A. Dean Sherry Link
Stephen L. Gipson Texas Baylor University Stephen L. Gipson Link
Angela Moeller Texas U of Houston Angela Moeller Link
Elizabeth Gardner Texas U of Texas/El Paso Elizabeth Gardner Link
Kevin K. Klausmeyer Texas Baylor University Kevin K. Klausmeyer Link
H. V.Rasika Dias Texas U of Texas/Arlington H. V.Rasika Dias Link
Juan C. Noveron Texas U of Texas/El Paso Juan C. Noveron Link
Caleb Martin Texas Baylor University Caleb Martin Link Postdoc Wanted!
David E. Pennington Texas Baylor University David E. Pennington Link
Peter Kroll Texas U of Texas/Arlington Peter Kroll Link
Ghezai Musie Texas U of Texas/San Antonio Ghezai Musie Link
Judy A. Walmsley Texas U of Texas/San Antonio Judy A. Walmsley Link
F. Gordon A. Stone Texas Baylor University F. Gordon A. Stone Link
Frederick MacDonnell Texas U of Texas/Arlington Frederick MacDonnell Link
Tom Cundari Texas University of North Texas Tom Cundari Link
Andrew R. Barron Texas Rice University Andrew R. Barron Link
Brad Pierce Texas U of Texas/Arlington Brad Pierce Link
LeGrande Slaughter Texas University of North Texas LeGrande Slaughter Link
Valery Khabashesku Texas Rice University Valery Khabashesku Link
Christopher Bielawski Texas U of Texas/Austin Christopher Bielawski Link
Julia Chan Texas University of Texas/Dallas Julia Chan Link
Kenton Whitmire Texas Rice University Kenton Whitmire Link
Alan H Cowley Texas U of Texas/Austin Alan H Cowley Link
Abraham Clearfield Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Abraham Clearfield Link
Donald J. Darensbourg Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Donald J. Darensbourg Link
Marcetta Y. Darensbourg Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Marcetta Y. Darensbourg Link
Kim R. Dunbar Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Kim R. Dunbar Link
John P. Fackler Jr. Texas Texas A&M University/College Station John P. Fackler Jr. Link
Francois P. Gabbai Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Francois P. Gabbai Link
Michael B. Hall Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Michael B. Hall Link
Timothy R. Hughbanks Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Timothy R. Hughbanks Link
Paul A. Lindahl Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Paul A. Lindahl Link
Oleg Ozerov Texas Texas A&M University/College Station Oleg Ozerov Link
Dominick J. Casadonte Jr. Texas Texas Tech University Dominick J. Casadonte Jr. Link
Michael Findlander Texas Texas Tech University Michael Findlander Link
Robert A. Holwerda Texas Texas Tech University Robert A. Holwerda Link
D. Max Roundhill Texas Texas Tech University D. Max Roundhill Link
Bruce R. Whittlesey Texas Texas Tech University Bruce R. Whittlesey Link
Bert Chandler Texas Trinity University Bert Chandler Link
John L. Bear Texas U of Houston John L. Bear Link
Richard D. Ernst Utah University of Utah Richard D. Ernst Link
Eric L. Hegg Utah University of Utah Eric L. Hegg Link
Janis Louie Utah University of Utah Janis Louie Link
Ronald O. Ragsdale Utah University of Utah Ronald O. Ragsdale Link
Thomas G. Richmond Utah University of Utah Thomas G. Richmond Link
Matt Sigman Utah University of Utah Matt Sigman Link
Peter Stang Utah University of Utah Peter Stang Link
Lisa M. Berreau Utah Utah State University Lisa M. Berreau Link
Siddhartha Das Utah Utah State University Siddhartha Das Link
John L. Hubbard Utah Utah State University John L. Hubbard Link
Bruce Wilson Utah Utah Valley State College Bruce Wilson Link
Richard C. Bunt Vermont Middlebury College Richard C. Bunt Link
Sunhee Choi Vermont Middlebury College Sunhee Choi Link
John C. Van Houten Vermont Saint Michael College John C. Van Houten Link
Bill Geiger Vermont U of Vermont Bill Geiger Link
Matthew Liptak Vermont U of Vermont Matthew Liptak Link
Rory Waterman Vermont U of Vermont Rory Waterman Link
Robert D. Pike Virginia College of William and Mary Robert D. Pike Link
Donna S. Amenta Virginia James Madison University Donna S. Amenta Link
John W. Gilje Virginia James Madison University John W. Gilje Link
Barbara A. Reisner Virginia James Madison University Barbara A. Reisner Link
Vern Miller Virginia Roanoke College Vern Miller Link
James N. Demas Virginia U of Virginia James N. Demas Link
Cassandra L. Fraser Virginia U of Virginia Cassandra L. Fraser Link
T. Brent Gunnoe Virginia U of Virginia T. Brent Gunnoe Link
W. Dean Harman Virginia U of Virginia W. Dean Harman Link
Lin Pu Virginia U of Virginia Lin Pu Link
Daren J. Timmons Virginia Virginia Military Institute Daren J. Timmons Link
Karen Jenks Brewer Virginia Virginia Tech Karen Jenks Brewer Link
Paul A. Deck Virginia Virginia Tech Paul A. Deck Link
John G. Dillard Virginia Virginia Tech John G. Dillard Link
Brian E. Hanson Virginia Virginia Tech Brian E. Hanson Link
Joseph S. Merola Virginia Virginia Tech Joseph S. Merola Link
Brian M. Tissue Virginia Virginia Tech Brian M. Tissue Link
Gordon T. Yee Virginia Virginia Tech Gordon T. Yee Link
Daniel R. Gamelin Washington U of Washington Daniel R. Gamelin Link
Karen I. Goldberg Washington U of Washington Karen I. Goldberg Link
D. Michael Heinekey Washington U of Washington D. Michael Heinekey Link
James M. Mayer Washington U of Washington James M. Mayer Link
Donald S. Matteson Washington Washington State University / Pullman Donald S. Matteson Link
Ken Nash Washington Washington State University / Pullman Ken Nash Link
Christopher J.A. Daley Washington Western Washington University Christopher J.A. Daley Link
Mark Wicholas Washington Western Washington University Mark Wicholas Link
J. Charles Templeton Washington Whitman College J. Charles Templeton Link
Anthony Diaz Washington Central Washington University Anthony Diaz Link
Jerry Parker Washington Eastern Washington University Jerry Parker Link
Jeffrey A. Rahn Washington Eastern Washington University Jeffrey A. Rahn Link
Joanne Smieja Washington Gonzaga University Joanne Smieja Link
Johanna L. Crane Washington U of Puget Sound Johanna L. Crane Link
Ernest R. Davidson Washington U of Washington Ernest R. Davidson Link
Milton R. Smith Jr. West Virginia Bethany College Milton R. Smith Jr. Link
Michael P. Castellani West Virginia Marshall University Michael P. Castellani Link
Robert S. Nakon West Virginia West Virginia University Robert S. Nakon Link
Jeffrey L. Petersen West Virginia West Virginia University Jeffrey L. Petersen Link
Brian Popp West Virginia West Virginia University Brian Popp Link Postdoc Wanted!
Alan M. Stolzenberg West Virginia West Virginia University Alan M. Stolzenberg Link
Shannon S. Stahl Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Shannon S. Stahl Link
Tehshik Yoon Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Tehshik Yoon Link
Chae Yi Wisconsin Marquette U. Chae Yi Link
Dr. Michael J. Carney Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Eau Claire Dr. Michael J. Carney Link
Jason A. Halfen Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Eau Claire Jason A. Halfen Link
David Lewis Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Eau Claire David Lewis Link
Cheryl L. Muller Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Eau Claire Cheryl L. Muller Link
John Pladziewicz Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Eau Claire John Pladziewicz Link
John M. Lyon Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Green Bay John M. Lyon Link
John Berry Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison John Berry Link
Thomas C. Brunold Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Thomas C. Brunold Link
Judith N. Burstyn Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Judith N. Burstyn Link
Charles P. Casey Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Charles P. Casey Link
Clark R. Landis Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Clark R. Landis Link
Robert J. McMahon Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Robert J. McMahon Link
Hans J. Reich Wisconsin U of Wisconsin / Madison Hans J. Reich Link
Edward L. Clennan Wyoming U of Wyoming Edward L. Clennan Link
Robert C. Corcoran Wyoming U of Wyoming Robert C. Corcoran Link
Suzanne Harris Wyoming U of Wyoming Suzanne Harris Link
David A. Jaeger Wyoming U of Wyoming David A. Jaeger Link
Dean M. Roddick Wyoming U of Wyoming Dean M. Roddick Link
B. Patrick Sullivan Wyoming U of Wyoming B. Patrick Sullivan Link